Skilax Tablets and Drops for Acute and Chronic Constipation

Acute And Chronic Constipation

Skilax is produced by Highnoon Laboratories, which contains sulfolax. It is being used for the indication and treatment of constipation of any etiology and bowel clearance before surgery, childbirth, or radiological investigations. Skilax Tablets and Drops are the best medicine for acute and chronic constipation.

It is an oral medicine, in which Sodium Picosulphate is being added. Sodium Picosulphate is a laxative ingredient, which moisturizing food particles and helps in releasing digestive food through the anus. Secondly, people think not going to the toilet within 24 hours is constipation but it’s not. Constipation is actually when bowel movements or you can say waste material is not passing through intestines or difficult to pass through the anus in the normal process. In such a case, you can use Skilax as a remedy for constipation.

There has been researched published on The research has been done on “The pathophysiology of Chronic Constipation” and its finding says that the colon receives about 1.5l of liquid from the small intestine. It actually absorbs fluid and passes on waste to the rectum. When that stool remains in the colon for a longer period of time it becomes drier and becomes harder to pass through the anal canal. In this case, you need to take any laxative material in order to pass that waste, therefore it suggests using anti-constipation syrups and tablets.

Secondly, the research has divided causes into two parts, primary causes, and secondary causes. In primary causes, it normally transits slow or evacuation disorder. On the other hand in secondary causes, you need medications. It can also cause cancer, hypothyroid, stricture, Parkinsonism, depression, eating disorders, and headache, etc.


Sodium Picosulphate: Sodium Picosulphate or Sodium Picosulfate is a saline purgative or a laxative agent, which creates bowels in the intestines and helps waste material pass through the anus. It contains a formula of C18H13NNa2O8S2 and comes up with different trade names, such as Laxoberon, Picofast, Dulcolax, and Picolax, etc.

Side Effects

Abdominal discomforts: The first side effect you will face after orally administered Skilax is that it will cause abdominal pain and cramps.

Overdosage: In overdosage or prolonged use of Skilax may cause diarrhea as well. Due to which excessive loss of water and electrolyte particularly potassium may occur. This may lead to increased sensitivity to cardiac glycosides.

Allergic Reaction: Skin reactions contain rashes and itching and also angioedema may occur.


Skilax is contraindicated with conditions like ileus, abdominal surgery, intestinal obstruction, acute appendicitis, acute bowel diseases, dehydration and not be used in patients with a known hypersensitivity to sodium picosulfate.

Pregnancy and Lactation

Other than researches, there are no reports and undesirable events that occur using Skilax in pregnancy. There is no adequate data as well to give Skilax in pregnancy, therefore better to not use it in pregnancy. Consult your physician before taking Sodium Picosulfate in pregnancy and lactation. We also don’t know either Skilax excreted in breast milk or not, therefore do not use it in lactation as well.

Skilax Drops for Children

Skilax Drops

Skilax 15ml Drops

Skilax DropsSulfolax
CompositionsEach ml contains Sulfolax (Sodium Picosulphate) B.P 7.5mg
Symptoms & IndicationsAcute constipation, Chronic constipation,
Pain in abdomen, Constipation, Headache
Dosage (Under 4 Years)250 micrograms per kilogram body weight
Dosage (4-10 Years)Half to 1 spoonful 2-5mg every 8 hours
CompanyHighnoon Laboratories LTD
Retail PriceRs41.01

Skilax Tablets for adults

Skilax Tablets

Skilax 5mg Tablets

Skilax TabletsSulfolax
CompositionsEach 5mg tablet contains Sulfolax (Sodium Picosulphate) B.P 5mg
Symptoms & IndicationsAcute constipation, Chronic constipation,
Pain in abdomen, Constipation, Headache
Dosage (12-18 Years)1 tablet every night
Dosage (Above 18 Years)1 tablet two times a day
CompanyHighnoon Laboratories LTD
Per tablet PriceRs 3