LOTRIX CREAM 30g for Scabies and Lice Infestations

Lotrix Cream for Scabies and lice

Lotrix is produced by GSK, which contains Permethrin. It is anti scabies and anti-lice infestations cream, which is also being used to treat head lice and tiny insects.

Itching and scabies are due to a small insect called a mite, which crawls on our body. Permethrin actually kills those mites and their eggs. You will feel an intense itching along small wavy lines on your body. When you start scratching you will find burrows on your toe webs, fingers, elbows beltline, female nipples, and in some cases you will find these burrows in the whole body.


  • Take a tepid bath and dry your skin.
  • Apply a thin layer of LOTRIX CREAM on the whole body from neck to toes.
  • Massage thoroughly but gently
  • Take another bath after 12 hours to wash out the cream

Precautions: Any member having contact with the patient should also do the same processor, Wear plastic gloves, if you are pregnant, and or breastfeeding. Keep LOTRIX CREAM 30G away from the eyes. If it’s getting into the eyes, flush them thoroughly with water.

Adverse Effects

Adverse effects normally occur in infants and children. Sometimes skin irritation and skin rashes occur. Permethrin is more or less tolerable but if they become severe it may cause burning, tingling, local irritation, numbness, scalp discomfort, and stingings, etc.


Lotrix Cream 30g

Lotrix Cream 30gPermethrin
Composition It contains permethrin 5%
Symptoms Scabies, Itching, Lice infestation, Head Lice, Insect bites,
Dose (Above 12 Years)Apply a thin layer of LOTRIX CREAM 30g on the whole body from neck to toes and then wash after 12 hours
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