Iberet Folic 500, Uses, Side Effects And in Pregnancy

Iberet 500mg for Anemia

Iberet Folic 500 is produced by Abbott, which contains Iron, Folic Acid, and Vitamin C & B. It is being used for the treatment of Iron and Folic Acid deficiency and nutritional anemia especially indicated throughout pregnancy and lactation. Women can take this medicine after a child’s birth to increase milk feeding. It is multivitamin, contains iron and folic acid, and is used in the poor diet in pregnancy. Iron and folic acid are essential vitamins for our body, which keeps us in a good health. In some cases, Iberet is being used to gain weight and to grow hair. 

Compositions in Iberet Folic 500 (Gradumet)

Ferrous Sulphate:  It is being used to treat iron deficiency anemia, treat low blood levels, chronic renal failure, and also being used as an alternative chronic inflammatory disease.

Folic Acid: its name has been derived from the Latin word folium, leaf. It actually stimulates the production of red blood cells (RBCs). You can find folic acid in green vegetables, liver, and in yeast.

Nicotinamide: It is an active form of niach, which is easily soluble in water, that why it is being used in multivitamin preparations. Nicotinamide is being used to treat acne, lower blood cholesterol, and fat levels.

Calcium pantothenate: It is the calcium salt of pantothenic acid, the B complex vitamin. It is mostly being used as a nutritional supplement due to the properties of the B complex.

Vitamin B2: Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) intake and is essential for the utilization of energy from food. It is also necessary for the functioning of pyridoxine vitamin B6 and nicotic acid. You can gain vitamin B2 from the fish, egg, cheese, milk, green vegetable, etc.

Side Effects

Iberet Folic’s side effects are more or less tolerable. Some side effects of Iberet Folic contain diarrhea, nausea, epigastric, black stool, staining of teeth constipation, and upset stomach.


Tell your doctor if you are allergic to folic acid and iron. If you have iron overload disorder like hemochromatosis and hemosiderosis, than you should not use this medicine.

Iberet 500 Syrup for Children

Iberet Syrup

Iberet 500 Syrup

Iberet 500 SyrupFerrous Sulfate +B1+B2+B6
CompositionEach 5ml contains
Ferrous Sulphate U.S.P 131mg
Vitamin B12 U.S.P 6.25mcg
Vitamin C U.S.P 125mg
Vitamin B1 U.S.P 1.5mg
Vitamin B2 U.S.P 1.5mg
Vitamin B6 U.S.P 1.25mg
Nicotinamide U.S.P 7.5mg
Dexpanthenol U.S.P 2.5mg
SymptomsYellowish Color, Deficiency in Iron, vitamin C&B complex, anemia, nutritional deficiency
Dose 1-3 years1 teaspoonful two times a day
Dose 3-6 years1 tablespoonful two times a day
Dose 6-12 years1-2 tablespoonful two times a day
Dose >18 Years2 tablespoonful two times a day
Retail priceRs 68.4

Iberet Folic 500 Tablet for Adults

Iberet Folic 500 Tablet

Iberet 500 Tablet

Iberet Folic 500mg TabletIron+Folic Acid+Vitamin C
CompositionEach tablet contains
Ferrous Sulphate U.S.P 525mg
Folic Acid U.S.P 800mg
Vitamin C U.S.P 500mg
Vitamin B12 25mg
Nicotinamide U.S.P 30mg
Calcium Pantothenate U.S.P 10mg
Vitamin B1 U.S.P 6mg
Vitamin B2 U.S.P 6mg
Vitamin B6 U.S.P 5mg
SymptomsYellowish Color, Deficiency in Iron, folic acid, vitamin C, B complex, Anemia, Nutritional Deficiency
Dose 12-18 years1 tablet daily
Dose > 18 years1 tablet daily
Per Tablet PriceRs 5