Easy HCG Urine Test for Pregnancy at Home

HCG Urine Test

Through one step HCG urine test, you can test your pregnancy at home. You just need to purchase a Xact HCG strip from a medical store and just follow the processor. In Pakistan, women feel shy to go to the hospital for a pregnancy test. Now with the help of this urine pregnancy test strip, they can test their own pregnancy at home with minimum cost. All you need to read the test procedure or you can comment below if you got any questions.

Xact HCG urine test strip

Types of pregnancy tests

There are two types of pregnancy tests, which are

Test through Urine

Test through Blood

In both tests, a doctor checks the presence of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). It is a hormone, which is produced by the placenta after the embryo attached to the uterine lining.

When to Take a Urine Pregnancy Test at Home?

You can take a urine pregnancy test two weeks after conception. Few symptoms of pregnancy include

Urinary frequencyBreasts size changes
HeadachesShortness of breath
BackachesSore breasts
Late PeriodConstipation

HCG  Urine Test Procedure

HCG Urine Test Processor

  • Take out the strip from the foil and use it immediately (use the opened strip within one hour)
  • Be sure that urine level should remain below the line marked the arrow
  • Take out the strip after 5 seconds and wait for 5 minutes for the result
  • Positive (pregnancy): Two red lines will appear
  • Negative (no pregnancy): Only one red line will appear

Invalid: If there is no or a single feeble line then repeat the test with a new urine sample and strip