Duphalac, Best Immediate Constipation Relief Syrup

Duphalac is produced by Abbott, which contains lactulose. It is being used for the indications and treatment of hepatic precoma and chronic constipation. It is the best immediate constipation relief syrup for both adults and children. Those patients who are facing chronic constipation can use Duphalac as a remedy. Duphalac therapy increases the daily frequency of bowel movements and the number of days on which bowel movements occur. Lactulose contains one molecule of galactose and one molecule of fructose. It is being approved by the FDA in 1976.

Side Effects

Some common side effects of lactulose include diarrhea, loss of fluids, and hypernatremia. Severe side effects of lactulose include hyponatremia,  hypokalemia, dehydration, abdominal pain, nausea, bloating, eructation and vomiting, etc.

Precautions: You should not use lactulose if you have an intestinal obstruction.

Pregnancy and lactation

Do not use lactulose in pregnancy and lactation. Consult your physician before taking lactulose.

Duphalac Syrup 120ml

Duphalac Syrup 120ml

Symptoms Constipation
Dose For Adults
Severe Case30-45ml of Syrup two times a day
Moderate Case 15-30ml of Syrup Two Times a day
Mild Case 15ml of Syrup two times a day
Dose For Children
7-14 Years15ml of Syrup two times a day
1-6 Years5-10ml of Syrup two times a day
Dose For Infant5ml two times a day or consult your physician
Company Abbott
Retail PriceRs 196